A Random Selection Of Instrumental Compositions In Different Styles / Moods.

Sorry Croissants

A wistful little number written for a Caro Emerald show.


 Written for an adventure story inspired by the local Severndroog castle

Parque alameda

A Cuban/classical idea featuring cellist Adrian Bradbury and violinist Fiona McCapra

take yo krk

Bit of dark funk fun with clav and vocoder.

waiting for a break

Jazzy instrumental from the Rag’n’Bone Club album.

night in brasilia

Upbeat Latin instrumental written for a Caro Emerald tour

stuck in a wind up

Northern soul-style single from the first Lord Large album featuring Clem Curtis from The Foundations.

through the net

From the Fluffers album, with lyrics written by Glenn Tilbrook.

Caro Emerald Emerald Island (2017)
The opening to the Emerald Island Caro tour.

wave hello

Council-funded Family Project During Covid Pandemic

natural love

For Unborn Baby & Mother Movement Guide.